About The Little-Known Blogger

I grew up a gun-hating, military-hating Hippy liberal in a tiny town in the middle of Missouri. After a series of challenges to my world-view during my college years, I have changed my politics 180 degrees (to a conservative/libertarian independent) and switched religions at least four times (from evangelical Christian to atheist to Buddhist to Gnostic to Apostolic/liturgical Christian).

I am a career military man and law enforcement officer, and have traveled around the world, especially the middle-east and southeast Asia (where I lived for three years). Today I am an avid martial artist, powerlifter, and shooting sports enthusiast living in southwest Missouri.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree (summa cum laude) in Multidisciplinary Studies and an Associate’s degree in Psychology.  I am a certified Personal Fitness Trainer (NESTA), a published poet, an Eagle Scout and a Master Freemason. I am currently re-training myself in Japanese and applying for membership in MENSA. Prior to the Federal shutdown of 2013, I had been in the process of certification to teach high school math and physics (thanks for that, Democratic Party).

Any opinions which I offer here–or anywhere else–are mine, and mine alone.

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