Blood on Whose Hands?

For the past several days, I have been told that, as a member of the NRA, I “have blood on my hands”, and that I should, in fact, be killed for “wanting to arm teachers.”  That stricter gun control was the only possible answer to the recent violent attacks.  Let’s examine these ideas:

Chicago, Illinois has the strictest gun control laws in the nation.  Bar none.  If gun control worked, why are there an average of 41 homicides per month in Chicago alone?  According to the Brady Campaign, “Connecticut has strong gun laws that help combat the illegal gun market, prevent the sale of most guns without background checks and reduce risks to children”, and is ranked as fifth-safest State in the nation.  So how did a school shooting happen there?

All States which have introduced right-to-carry laws have seen a reduction in crime.  More tellingly, Israel (!) has had zero school shootings since they began keeping armed staff in their schools, while the UK has seen a 40% increase in violent crime and almost 100% increase in homicides since forcibly disarming its citizens (sorry, “subjects”).  Why is this?  Because criminals, by definition, want something easy.  If there is a chance that any given person on the street could injure or kill them, they are less likely to risk an engagement.  It is the same reason that school shootings have seen such an increase since we started designating “gun-free zones”—they are easy pickings.  Even the armed security at Virginia proved nearly useless, believing that the shooter had been apprehended after killing two people.  How many lives could have been saved if the professors—hell, if the students had not been debarred from the basic human right of self-defense?

Which brings me to my next point: I am not in favor of “arming teachers”.  This came up on Facebook recently—I don’t think that people who are uncomfortable with firearms should be required to carry them, nor do I think that those who do should be required to engage in every situation.  But the more decent people who are free immediately to engage a murderer with equal force, the fewer lives will be lost overall.  And since one of the founding principles of our nation is that the basic human right to self-defense “shall not be infringed”, this should be a non-issue.

The only people with blood on their hands in this debate are the monsters who actually commit murder—regardless of the implement  they choose for their killing (box knives on a jet, for instance).  But if we are going to create a guilt-by-association for their enablers, that guilt falls on the Brady Campaign and others who would paint targets on our children.  Not those of us who would do what is necessary to protect them.

Published by Little-Known Blogger

I spent the first years of my life in a trailer park outside of a tiny town in rural Missouri. I grew up to be a long-haired, gun-hating, military-hating, Presbyterian super-liberal. Well, perhaps the “growing up” happened later. While in high school, I was on the cross-country and wrestling teams, and actually won my weight-class in a State powerlifting competition. I went on to attend college on a Bright Flight scholarship, where I promptly became an atheist. I trained for a few years in Shotokan karate and Cheng-system taijiquan before training in my first real martial art, Hwarang-Do, under the late Franklin Fowlkes (later the Founder and Grandmaster of the Five Elements Martial Arts System). I married an older Taiwanese woman my junior year, got divorced in short order, and dropped out of college. After completing my AA in Psychology, I decided I needed a complete change of scenery and joined the U.S. Marine Corps (having early been assured that there was no way that a skinny liberal like me would ever survive Boot Camp). Contrary to what the Hipster Zombies will tell you, this did not “brainwash me into being a Conservative”. Instead, it made me a very unhappy, short-haired liberal, surrounded by guns and the military. However, I spent my whole contract (after schools) on the island of Okinawa, where I was exposed to points of view not dominated by the American liberal media. During this time, I taught ESL classes as a side-job, trained under some of the highest-ranking masters of karate on Okinawa, and discovered the practice of Buddhism. I also spent some time in Korea, where I got to train in hapkido. It was during this period that I came gradually to realize how stupid and evil American liberalism actually is. This was partly due to my Military Police command sending me to Small Arms Instructor school, which gave me more exposure to guns than I could ever have imagined—thus negating my idiotic liberal distaste for them. After the active-duty portion of my Marine Corps contract was over, I worked several jobs, from security contracts to operating a forklift in a warehouse. In 2002, however, when the invasion of Iraq was getting under way, I signed up with the Missouri Army National Guard, and have remained with them since, continuing as a Military Policeman. I am also full-time corrections officer, a member of the Anglican Church, and at one time was an Instructor Candidate in Dekiti-Tirsia Serradas Kali (until my instructor moved away). My hobbies (beyond blogging) include strength training, shooting sports, martial arts, creating digital art, and being a huge science and science-fiction geek.

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