To Senators Bond and McCaskill

There is NO coverage of Berkeley today–nothing new on blogs or the MSM. Fox has an AP story referring to a two-day-old vote of the Berkeley City Council “clarifying their position” that they “support the troops”–but refusing to apologize for calling them murderers and invaders, to support the missions that they perform, or rescind the favoritism extended to anti-military agitants in the city.
It should be noted that there are several videos available on YouTube (I can’t link right now) showing protesters ASSAULTING persons attempting to enter the building in which the Marine Corps Recruiting Station is located (not just the station itself), as the police stand by and refuse to enforce the law.

I sent the following missive to my senators through their respective websites:

“Dear (x)
Please assist Senator DeMint in passing his Semper Fi Act. The acts of the Berkeley City Council is disgraceful–as are their police force, standing by and allowing agitators to assault citizens on the street.
Not only is it wrong to blame the United States Marine Corps for policies of the federal government with which the agitators disagree, but by calling members of the U. S. Armed Forces “unwanted and unwelcome invaders,” the City of Berkeley is essentially denying federal sovereignty. They must issue a real apology and recognize federal authority, or suffer the consequences of their actions.”

Sentor Bond can be reached here

Senator McCaskill can be reached here

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